Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update 9

Don't hate the player... hate the game :)
So I was sort of dating 5 guys at the same time! I was in the midst of weeding out the vagina doctor (date 21) and the sports guy (date 23) and the lawyer (date 19) had been calling me or emailing me everyday from Israel and was coming home the same week that I met the accountant (number 22) and the other doctor (number 24). I was on such a role! Life was amazing! One guy was better then the next! Great guys, with great jobs and great families, taking me on great dates and all putting in effort to pursue me. I decided that it was really between the accountant and the other doctor. They were both cool and attractive and fun to hang out with. I was honest with both of them and told them both that I was dating other people. I saw them both a few more times this past week and was having trouble deciding who I liked better. The accountant who is known as a huge player seemed more interested in me. he was calling me a lot and always asking me when he could see me next. The doctor was more laid back and I was having trouble reading him and was not sure what his true intentions were. I knew how to deal with the accountant. I am an expert at dating players. I was stand-off- ish, and played hard to get. I would shoot down all his player lines and make him really work to get a date with me. when we were on the date I would demand things that he would normally never do for a girl like put on my jacket and open the car door. All of this was working. It was either working because he liked me or because he wanted to prove that he could get the prude little Jewish girl to cave and sleep with him. Sooo not happening! I told him that I only sleep with a guy that I am exclusive with and we were both dating other people so he could forget about it.
he took me out 2 more times and we had a good time. We kissed but not like crazy and nothing more then that happened.

Things with the doctor moved pretty fast... Our second date was so cute. I went to his condo (oops!) and he ordered in Italian food. He set up the kitchen like a date at a restaurant. He lit a candle and had music playing in the background. he dimmed the lights and asked me to join him for a date in the kitchen. I thought this was sooo cute! (please keep in mind that if I did not like him and was not attracted to him i would have found this cheesy and corny!) After dinner we sat at the table and he rubbed my feet and we talked. I was going to help clear the table and he made me sit back down and told me that it is the mans job to take care of the woman. YUM! After dinner we went to his room and we may or may not have taken a bubble bath, I am pleading the fifth :) OMG! Who am I??? I need to spare any more details because my grandmother is the number one fan of this blog and I do not need her to have a heart attack! I felt so comfortable with him. I was not self conscious or worried. I was just me. It felt good. I obviously did not sleep with him, in fact we didn't even really fool around. We hung out and talked and kissed and it felt really right.

The next night I went out with the accountant again. We had a good time too. He took me to a very nice restaurant and then we went back to his place ( I guess I am in the new business of doing that) and had tea and listened to music on his computer. I did not go to his room. We just hung out and kissed a bit.

The next day I called my friend to meet me for an emergency meeting. I needed to pick one. I liked them both but felt wrong for starting to seriously like and date two guys. We met at starbucks and my sister and her friend ended up joining us too. We made a pro and con list for both guys. The doctor won hands down. My decision was made. I had one more date planned with each of them and then I was going to tell the accountant that I met someone else and wanted to give my time and effort to the other guy.

Obviously my ex emails me. I don't hear from him in a month and a half and I finally have found not one but two guys that I am into. I am in my dating prime and I get a stupid email. It was just saying that he noticed we are not friends on facebook anymore and he hopes I'm doing well and to write back if we are "cool like that"... blah blah blah. I was actually fine when I read it. I didn't get upset or anything. I just laughed in my head and thought that G-d must really have a sense of humor! I decided not to write back cause I really had nothing nice to say and had I said that we are not facebook friends because you posted pics of your ex from when we were still together and now a new girl he would have wrote back to explain and we would have gotten back into our circle of emailing each other again. My heart is not interested in that at all. A few days later he emailed my sister to wish her a happy birthday and said that he is sorry he has not been in touch but thats "just the way stuff goes I guess". I felt a bit bad for him. He must have been thinking about me over the last few days. I still didn't email him back and have no intentions of doing so.


  1. awesome blog you have here.
    i have read every single post you have written on here, for the past hour haha im hooked! good luck with everything! i hope it works out :) everything is in God's hands, so im pretty sure in the end, you'll get what's best for you!

  2. Hey I love your blog..very interesting and entertaining! I am considering signing up for jdate- would you recommend the one month or 3 month subscription..I cant decide which one to do..thanks!

  3. @Vicky... Hey! I don't really know your situation but if you are newly out of a relationship then one month is not enough time. The first month I was on it, no guy really had a chance cause I was hung up on my ex. I say 3 months is a better amount of time and try to meet as many people as you can. I feel like jdate is a numbers game. I signed up for six months and hope that I meet someone sooner so that I can cancel it!!!! If you want to chat more then email me and I would love to chat with you!