Monday, January 11, 2010

My Twenty Third Date.

I had been talking to this guy for a while over the phone. He actually found me on facebook and not jdate. We exchanged a bunch of messages back and forth and then we started to talk on the phone. He was away a lot for work and so it took a while for us to be able to meet. He flew home on a Friday night and sent me a text message. I told him that I was out at a bar with one of my girl friends.

Side story: When we walked into the bar, she saw her ex (that she broke up with 5 days before) talking to another girl... She was so angry that she started to flirt with some other guy.

So anyways, the bar ended up being right by his house and so he decided to come by and meet me. He was flying out again the next day for another week so it really was the only time we could meet. He has a super cool job with one of our sports teams and so he gets to fly where ever they are playing. He loves his job and seemed like a really cool and laid back kind of guy. He came to the bar and we hung out for a bit and then ended up going back to the guy's house that my friend had picked up. They had a few a drinks, I didn't cause I was driving and cause I really don't like to drink... She was talking to her guy which gave me time to chat with this guy. I did think he was cool but I was not attracted to him at all. He looked sloppy and unkempt. He reminded me of a laid back hippie from the 70's. He was a 36 year old with no real goals or future plans. He still rented his apartment and lived like a care free teenager from pay check to pay check... At least thats the impression that I got. Needless to say, he was not for me.
We had a nice evening but when he messaged me for a second date I told him that I was busy the next time he was in and the next time after that. I think he got the hint.

I was really looking forward to my date the next night with a new guy that I had been talking to from jdate....

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