Monday, January 11, 2010

My Twenty Second Date.

Some cute guy sent me an email on jdate. I replied and gave him my msn address so that we could chat. The next time were both on msn, he messaged me "Hey Gorgeous!" I could tell just by that one line that he was confident and possibly a player. I went with it anyways. We chatted for a bit and he asked me for my blackberry messenger pin number so that we could message each other on our phones. When he added me, I saw his real name and everything began to come back to me. I knew him. Well I didn't know him but we had met before. I was 18 years old and my older cousin took me to some guys house for a house party. There were people everywhere and he was the life of the party. There were tons of slutty girls there and lots of alcohol and now that I think about it, I'm sure there were drugs too! I told her that I thought the guy who owned the house was really cute, her answer was that he was a huge player who would break my heart and that I had better stay away from him. And here he was on jdate, messaging me and asking me out on a date.
I figured I needed some excitement in my life. The truth is, I am trying to force myself to like these dorky Jewish Doctors and lawyers but they are not my type. I am used to being with a guy who has some edge. I am not really looking for a player or to get hurt but I need someone that will keep me interested and excited. I have been through 20 guys who have not had any edge and I have not liked any of them for longer then a few dates. So why not go out with this guy!

Now don't get me wrong, on paper he has lots going for him. He is a successful accountant and comes from a great (and successful) family. He is very smart, very good looking and knows how to charm a woman. He is funny and very sweet. So I decided to go. I am not 18 anymore and I think I will be smart enough to know if I am being played and if his lines are just to try to get me into bed. Plus, I secretly always thought he was cute for the last 8 years!
I was sooo nervous! I know that he gets a lot of good looking girls and for the first time I felt a bit self conscious. I was worried about what my hair and make up looked like and I even tried on a few outfits before I went out which is so not like me. We met for dinner. No more stupid coffee dates for me... I am only dating classy men from now on! He was as cute as I remembered him to be! We had a great date. He told me that he was pleasantly surprised at how stunning I was in real life (player line, I ate it up anyways!) We liked a lot of the same foods and the conversation was amazing. No awkward moments at all. Except for one... I reminded him of the night I met him 8 years ago. He was so embarrassed! He was apologizing and explaining that he is not like that anymore. He told me that he had asked my cousin about me and she had told him to stay away from me so he did, lol. He begged me not to judge him based on that time in his life. I told him that he could prove me otherwise by how he acts today. I agreed not to judge but told him that I would probably remain a bit guarded just to be on the safe side with him. He called me the next day and insisted that we hang out again as soon as possible. I told him that I was pretty busy this week but would try to make some time.
We did not kiss but I could tell that there was chemistry and that he was trying hard to prove he was a gentleman. I thought that was super cute and although I didn't let him know, I secretly couldn't wait to see him again either. Now all I have to do is figure out who is gonna break this news to my cousin... NOT ME!!!!

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  1. girl you better go out with him again! sounds like a hottie :)