Sunday, January 24, 2010

Update 12- Week Two

I guess for now I will keep blogging and hope that one day when I tell him about the blog he will be able to find the humor in it! I will try not to give too many details but I find it very theraputic to write down my thoughts and feelings and I figure if some people that I have never met are interested, then why not let them read along!

So I just got back from a sister trip to New York. I went with one of my best friends and our two little sisters. We had an amazing time! I bought one of everything!!!!
The night before I left I went to his house. I decided to be up front with him and tell him that I do not like the fact that he wants to move faster than I do (in terms of sex). The conversation went amazing. He is a really good communicator! He said that he will behave and we spent the night watching TV shows on his couch and just kissing and cuddling, my fave!!! He was trying so hard to prove that he could be a good boy, it was so cute! I stayed really late and we both didn't want the night to end! When he kissed me good bye, he told me that he had a great night and loves being in my company (even without sexy business!) I think he was shocked by this. I feel like he is the type that can get a girl to sleep with him in two seconds and then he never really gets to know her. I think he impressed himself and definitely impressed me!

I started seeing a new therapist and it seems like he totally gets me after only one session. The one interesting thing he said to me was that after listening to me talk about this new guy he wants me to make a list of ways I think I will mess this up. He could not have asked me a more perfect question. I am so stressed out about making sure not to look to needy or act too controlling or sleep with him too soon and be too slutty.... It is all so strategical and planned out. I am going insane with everyone putting in their two sense. My mom told me that I better not sleep with him too early. My dad forbid me from spending the night over at his place. My friends are giving me tips and opinions and comments and everyone is saying different things!!! I need to relax and stop worrying so much. I am awesome and he already sees that! I doubt that if I sleep with him a week earlier then people suggested that he will get bored and leave me. Right?!?!

We spent the weekend texting back and forth. I sent him pictures of what I was buying and he seemed excited and gave me his opinions. He called me at my hotel to say good night and he told me that he missed me :)
He said that he wanted to be my boyfriend before Valentines Day. I said that I thought he didn't care about valentines day and he said "I don't but I know that you do!" Awwwww!
I really wanted to see him tonight when I got back but my best friend broke up with her boyfriend so I obviously had to be there for her (chicks before dicks!) I will probably see him very soon and let you know if anything significant happens!!!

Thank you for all your support and comments and emails, you all got me through the last 3 months and made my break-up and dating experience fun and less painful!


  1. This is so exciting!! After reading about all of the crazies you've dated and how hard things were for you in regards to your ex-boyfriend, you deserve to have a great guy!!

  2. As someone who also has a dating blog, and who has also struggled with the issue of "when to tell" I suggest you mention to him that you have a dating blog, and that you would never reveal anyone by name, and that you would love to share it with him, when the time is right. Some men might feel a sort of betrayal if you wait to long to fess up.

    Good luck!