Monday, October 18, 2010

Update 37

Wow, I can't believe its been over a month since I have been on my blog to update.
Things are still going great! We have been together just over two months now. We are still learning about each other and getting to know each other better. So far its been a fun process. We have both become quite close with each others families. He came on a road trip with me and my sister and her husband and we all had the most amazing time! He totally clicked with my brother-in-law, which is a dream come true because I am so close with my sister and its nice that all four of us can hang out and have fun together. This weekend he is away and I have already hung out with his mom and sister and have plans to meet his sister again tonight for coffee. His family is so much like mine! They are warm and loving and sarcastic and hilarious! They are really kind to me and make me feel like part of their family. We have already taken each other to a few family functions in such a short time. He met my whole extended family for the breaking of the fast, came to a family friends bat-mitzvah, met the rabbi and his wife, and came to my good friends engagement party. I have been to his niece's first birthday party (bought her the most adorable juicy sweat suit), to his dad's wife's birthday party, shabbat dinner at his house, and met all his friends from the village in central america.
We have gone to the symphony twice and so many movies and bubble tea and dinners and we just have a great time together.
I am struggling a bit with the amount of time he works in a day. He does make tons of time for me but will then stay up til 5 am doing work on some days and be exhausted the next day. He is very ambitious and has a few different business going on at once as well as being a lawyer. I am trying to be super supportive and not needy but its sometimes hard for me. I find that instead of being upset if he is too busy, it is way healthier for me to just fill up my schedule with more clients and friends and just to try to keep busy. That way I am focusing on myself and not on what he is up to.
we have a few more travel plans in the works for the winter and I am excited to go away with him.

I still continue to feel truly blessed that we found each other. I try to focus on all the amazing positives and not on the one or two negatives, which is a big change for me! We don't fight and he is always willing to hear how I feel. He has been so wonderful to me so far and I just hope it keeps going this great!!

The rabbi has asked me to share my story to a group of religious people from a Jewish organization. He thinks its an amazing story about faith and how G-d works in mysterious ways. I have agreed to do it.

I will let you know how it goes :)

Sorry for not updating sooner... Been on cloud 9 :)