Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Twenty Forth Date

I had a missed call on my cell phone from a weird number one night after work and there was no voice mail. It was kind of late so I decided not to be one of those creepy people that called back numbers they did not recognize. When I got home I logged onto msn and some guy messaged me. I messaged him back. He wrote that he was not able to see what I was typing but if I could see his message to please call him and he gave me a phone number (same number as my missed call). I called him. I told him that I did not remember ever talking to him but I had obviously spoken to him if he was on my msn and had my phone number (which by the way I never give out). He explained that he had been going through his junk email and found one from a while back from me saying that our msn messages were not going through but to call me when he got my email. So he did. I had no idea who he was, what his profile name was or what he looked like. He asked me out for the following Saturday night. Big plus. Saturday night is usually a night that single guys go out with their guy friends to pick up girls or its considered girlfriend/boyfriend night and that fact that he asked me out on that night was impressive. He lives in a posh part of town about 35 minutes from my house. The type of people that live there have a certain reputation of being snobby and pretentious and they do not really like to leave their area. I was a little bit concerned about this. Obviously I went down to his area because there is much more to do there on a Saturday night. I parked my car at his condo and we went in his. When I first saw him I thought he was cute. He is 34 but looks like he is 20 years old. I thought that he looked like a sweet mamas boy. I didn't think that he would have any clue what do to with me. I thought he would be shy and timid and boy-ish. I could not have been more wrong. We ended up driving around and trying to get into a place that had a 2 hour waiting list. I could see that he was about to bribe the hostess so I gave him a look as if to say we are not any more important than the first 40 people on the list and we can find a different place to eat. We wound up back on his street at a very high end restaurant/bar. The conversation was great. He is a doctor and we had tons to talk about. He was super interested in the addiction work that I do and I was super interested in what his work. After dinner ended around 10:30 we went back to his condo. The plan was that I was going to go to my car and get my change of clothes and go to my girl friends house (who lived around the corner) because she was having a party. We went down to the garage got my bag and got into the elevator. I thought he was going to let me off at the lobby so that I could walk to my friends house but he only pressed his floor and I wasn't paying attention. He said he was dying to pee and ran into his place, I followed. He had a stunning condo, amazing view and it was immaculately clean. he gave me the "grand tour". We sat down at his piano and we played the only song that I know (Fur Elise) together. He then played some real songs for me. I just sat next to him, closed my eyes and listened to him play. He turned on the TV and we lay down on the couch. He said " I hope you know that you are obviously not going to your friend's house". I said "Ya, I know" and smiled. We watched a movie together and for half an hour he just tickled my arm and back, played with my hair and my face and I was in heaven! He finally leaned down and kissed me.
It is very important to know that I do NOT give out my number, I do NOT go up to guys places and I do NOT make out on the first date.
Not long after the couch did he pick me up and take me to his room. Who would have known that this innocent looking guy was such a confident and strong man! I was so surprised and turned on! All we did was kiss but it lasted til almost 4:30 AM. It was amazing! He was amazing!
Anyways, I had a great time with him. We had tons in common... Both Israeli backgrounds and even our fathers have the same hardcore Israeli name and grew up in the same town. We spoke about the future and seem to have very similar ideas about the future. The only thing we disagree about is where to live (he likes his area, I like mine) but I would so compromise about that.
He seemed into me too and I so hope that we have more dates and really get to know each other better.... Fingers crossed!
The next morning my mom asked me why I got home so late so I told her that I was at this guys house. She was kind of upset and told me that if he does not call me back it is because I went over to place and gave the impression that I was easy. I was annoyed at her and felt a bit guilty for being so easy. I am usually smarter then that and keep my guard up with guys. I guess his innocent look allowed me to let my guard down and be a bit more trusting then usual. In any case I didn't regret it cause I had fun and whatever is meant to be will be....

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