Saturday, April 9, 2011

Update 45

It has been almost two months since my last post. My blog is still blocked and I have not yet decided what I want to do with it. Things are still going great with my bf. I have been back to Florida once and he has been here once. The last time I went I got to meet his other sister that has been away at law school. She was the last family member for me to meet! She was just as lovely as the rest of the family. Even though she is 3 years older then me, it still felt like I was older and she agreed! She is still in school and living the student life while I have my own career and am dating an older guy and am ready to start my life. The five of us had a great time... (his mom, sister and her bf). Two of the nights he told them that they could join us for the car ride to dinner but that they had to pick their own restaurant cause he wanted to spend time alone with me. I thought that was really thoughtful of him. I think its nice when he does romantic things like that :) We just had a great week while I was there!
I also had to have a very difficult discussion with him. This winter he brought his mom with him to florida for the entire winter. He asked me if I would start coming as of next winter and I told him that I would. I also had to tell him that as much as I love his mom, I am not comfortable with living with her for half a year every year. We talked about it and he assured me that she wouldn't be coming for the whole winter next year just a few times to visit. I was happy that I spoke up and shared my feelings with him and that he was willing to compromise with me.
He came here last week and had a ton of work to do. It was one of my good friend's weddings so I asked him to come in. on the Thursday he decided to take off the afternoon and take me to a hotel in a city 2 hours away. We stayed most of Friday as well and then came home to babysit his niece. We took her with us to my grandmothers house for shabbat dinner. She sat in between us and we both took turns feeding her. He is amazing with her and I got a little glimpse of what parenting would be like with him. He will be a wonderful father and parenting partner for me. The next day was my friends wedding and we decided to get another hotel downtown near the venue. We had such a good time at the wedding! We even crashed another party that was in the other ballroom. We drank a bit together and danced like crazy! It was a really great night! We also went to see a few models homes just for fun and to get an idea of the prices in the area I want to live in. I realize that finding the perfect house with him is going to be a daunting task. He is the son of an amazing architect and he notices every last detail. He has so many requirements that I really wonder how we are ever going to find a house that he likes. Believe it or not, I am not the picky one here!!!
Now he is back in Florida and he told me that he is working on a special surprise for me. There is an area of his backyard that he was going to turn into a pond (but I hated the idea since we have dogs and eventually kids) so he is turning it into a tranquil/romantic spot for us. He said he is even naming it after me because it is turning out to be so beautiful :) I knew he was handy but I didn't realize he was soo handy! He is laying grass, planting trees and even built a brick wall with his own two hands!! I am going there in 2 weeks and I can't wait to see it!
We are talking very seriously about marriage and I hope that he will propose very soon!

My grandfather went into the hospital this week and because he can't be left alone we have all been taking shifts. Last night I was there from 1 am til 6 am and he started to give me and my sister life advise. It was really cute but I think he was seriously doped up on meds. He told my sister that she needs to hurry up and have a baby because she has already been married for 6 months and that I need to hurry up and get married because he is not sure how much time he has left and he wants to see a few more simchas before he goes. I told him that there would be more simchas coming for him in the next year or so and that he has lots to look forward to. He is so funny!