Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crazy MSN convo with jdate guy

So this guy messaged me a million times on jdate and we chatted for a bit and he asked me for my msn. I told him that he was not my type and he practically begged me to give him a chance, he seemed harmless at the time. I figured it would at least make for a funny first date so I told him that perhaps we would try to meet next week sometime. He started to message me like every time I came online and I started to get annoyed and ignore him. I finally answered him and this was our conversation....

----- Our chat on Mon, 12/21/09 12:55 PM -----
Stalker: hey
Stalker: busy?
ME: a bit
ME: u?
Stalker: no, not busy at all, do you want to chat?
ME: i am just returning some emails... so we can try to chat but i may get distracted
Stalker: that's all good, duty calls. it's B right?
ME: yes
Stalker: what's your jdate name again?
Stalker: --------?
ME: yes
Stalker: ok sorry.. so how was your weekend?
ME: good thanks, yours
Stalker: it was great. big party last night, what were you up to?
ME: girls night
Stalker: oh nice. did you go dancing?
ME: no, dinner, movie and girl stuff
Stalker: haha to me a girls night means pillow fights in your underwear and gossiping about boys.
ME: and thats exactly what it was
Stalker: i knew it!
Stalker: can i come next time?
ME: nope u r not a girl, at least i dont think u are...
Stalker: hm, ok you can just gossip about me then.
Stalker: i'd rather just go on a date with you anyway.
Stalker: do you date a lot?
Stalker: are you the type of person who dates a lot of people at once?
ME: what does that mean?
Stalker: you know, some people go on a million dates at once before they pick who they want to be with, and i hate that.
ME: well how else are u supposed to find the "one"??
Stalker: i only date one girl at a time.
Stalker: if it goes well and i want to see her again, then why muck things up by meeting someone else?
Stalker: if it doesn't go well, only then will i meet someone new.
ME: well if i like someone then i stop dating
Stalker: but you'll still see lots of people at once until you do?
Stalker: it's just, i've been on dates before where i had a great time, and when i asked to see her again she had like 3 other dates lined up that week. so annoying.
Stalker: are you like that?
Stalker: if you are then i'm probably not interested after all..
Stalker: are you always on jdate?
Stalker: is that what you're so busy with you can't talk to me?
ME: wow, u r kind of possessive... we haven't even met and u want to know if i am dating people and talking to other guys besides you... why dont u try to take it one step at a time
Stalker: i'm not possessive, i just hate being ignored when i really want to get to know someone and then i see them on a dating site probably meeting other people. i know it seems weird, but i actually want someone who's interested in me too you know.
Stalker: i hate these dating sites. when you finally meet someone you think you'd like they're already talking to 20 other guys, it's bs.
ME: well thats kind of the way dating is... people arent sitting at home waiting for you... they are out there trying to find the one
ME: and if u r too rigid and have all these things u dont like before u even meet the girl, well thats a big turn off in itself
Stalker: it's a big turn off that i want to talk to you and get to know you better without you talking to a million other guys too? well i'm sorry i actually care.
ME: well u will lose the opportunity with many girls with that attitude, I will stop dating when I know a guy is worth it to stop dating for, not before that... what have u done or said that would make me need to stop dating and be "faithful" to u?? Why do I owe anoyone I have not met, anything?? u dont make sense!
Stalker: maybe i will lose this opportunity, but for some reason i don't like it when i try to talk to someone and they ignore me because they're meeting other guys, call me old fashioned.
Stalker: if you didn't want to get to know me in the first place then why did you even respond to me or make a date with me, you don't make sense!
Stalker: i'm sorry i'm flipping out right now, i know it's just gonna ruin any chance i had with you, but try to see things from my point of view.
ME: You messaged me like a million times!!!! And who said i made a date with u?? do you realize u sound like a stalker? And if you "caught" me on line that means that u r online too, potentially talking to other girls... u sound like a crazy person!
Stalker: i meet a great girl i would love to get to know, and she's too busy to talk to me because she's meeting other guys.
ME: u r on the same site!!!! talking to girls!!!!!
Stalker: you did say you would go on a date with me before, but i'm sure you forgot already because you probably say that to every guy you talk to. and you're right i am talking to other girls, but at least i'm talking to you and not ignoring you.
ME: so that makes u better?? u r doing the exact same thing that you said makes u upset... u r such a hypocrite!!!
Stalker: no, i fully understand if you want to meet other guys still, but i at least still want to talk to you and get to know you, you're just ignoring me, and it gives me the impression that you're not interested. i'm sorry i'm flipping out, i'm just really frustrated.
Stalker: if you're not interested then just say so, don't get my hopes up like you did and then ditch me.
ME: i told u from the beginning that u were not my type, u kept pushing and pushing so i agreed to meet u. I did not agree to be your girl friend, or stop dating or marry you. there is a HUUUUUUGE difference!
Stalker: i just think you should have given me more of a chance before automatically assuming i'm not your type.
ME: i was going to give u a chance!!!!! then u turned into a psycho stalker!!!
Stalker: i'm not a psycho stalker, i just hate it when i meet someone i really want to meet and they just ignore me and go meet other guys. love is a two way street, and i just want to be appreciated too.
Stalker: i know you'll never know what that feels like, but trust me, it sucks.
ME: i promise that it has more to do with your behaviour.... u cant get possessive and scare off a girl before she even meets u
ME: u need to be patient
Stalker: i am patient, but next thing i know you meet someone else and i'm shit outta luck, i've been there so many times before and i'm so sick of it.
ME: well stuff that happened in your past is not a new girls problem... u cant take it out on her before u even meet her
Stalker: i'm not taking anything out on you, i've just been down this road before and it's no fun. i really wanted to talk with you and get to know just you. out of all the girls i've met on there over the last few day i would probably want to meet you the most.
Stalker: i know it's the nature of online dating to meet a million people at once and choose who you like best, but it's not ideal.
ME: thats based solely on looks cause u dont know me yet! and just cause u want to meet me so badly doesnt mean that i owe u something and need to immediately stop dating cause u want to date me... that is so grandiose and egotistical of u!
Stalker: you're right, it's mostly based on looks, but that just makes me want to get to know you more and you're making that so hard. i know you don't owe me anything, and i realize you'll probly never talk to me again after this, it's just really frustrating.
Stalker: i'm sorry
ME: well hopefully u will not do this to another girl which will increase ur chances of even making it to a first date with her, so look at this like a good thing
Stalker: k
Stalker: :(

ME: not sure why u r sad, its ur own doing.... no offense but u have totally freaked me out
Stalker: i know, i couldn't help it, i hate online dating. either girls are really ugly or their serial daters.
Stalker: and i'm not like that at all.
Stalker: don't worry, i won't bother you again.
ME: good luck on jdate
Stalker: thanks :(

After this conversation he continued to send me messages on jdate which I ignored. he got a bit abusive in some of the messages he left in my inbox like "hey, you jdate whore, why won't you talk to me??"

Anyways, these guys exist and I am grateful that I learned how crazy he was before I actually met up with him!!!


  1. where's the "so NOT cool" reaction button!? craaaazy stalker and hole sound like a match made in heaven.

  2. sorry, that sounds horrible. some guys really suck.

  3. Weird. When I was on J-Date, I figured that this was the sort of guy who had all the luck.

  4. hope you blocked his azz nice and good! the man has serious issues! wow

  5. you should report him to jdate (there's a button on the bottom of each member's page). save and quote the abusive emails. i've gotten people thrown off the site that way. he shouldn't be permitted to harass people like that.