Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Twelfth Date

So four unsuccessful dates in three days.... I am officially convinced that every guy on here is short and blading and knows someone who does trick photography. He looked HUGE in his pictures. I even told my friend on the way down to the date that this guy was big, tall and built. I am not exaggerating when I say that when I met him for dinner and he got up to greet me, he was maybe as tall as me and I am short for a girl!!! We had a big booth and he looked like a tiny little man sitting at the other side of the table. We ordered drinks. I ordered a drink with no alcohol cause I was driving and cause I don't like to drink anyways. He ordered 2 alcoholic drinks and said that it was okay cause he was walking home. Walking home? He lives like a 30 minute walk from where we were... Anyways, we had dinner, it was pretty good food. I knew I didn't like him so I didn't care how I acted. I used swear words, told him about some of the bad dates I have gone on, talked about my exs... The works! All he kept saying was "you know what else I like about you"... I like that you are so real that you swear when you talk... You know what else... I like that you don't dress in uniform like most girls... You know what else... I like how you wear your hair... blah blah blah. I asked what he meant about the dressing in uniform, he said that most girls my age wear uggs and yoga pants. I said, "well, I wear that all the time". You should have seen him get so nervous and try to get his foot out of his mouth! He then asked me if I ever let a guy pick me up on a first date. I said no, I prefer to drive myself and meet him there. He said "perfect answer! If you had told me that you like when guys pick you up, this would have been our last date!" Really? Is that would have made this our last date??? Then he told me that he thought I was sweet and caring and organized. He told me that he is very intuitive and he can read people very well. I told him that I was none of the above. He said that he could tell that I was just being difficult and he likes that in a woman. Lucky me... After about an hour and a half, I yawned (a pretty large yawn). He turned to the waiter and said "check please, I can tell you are exhausted and that you want to get home". I offered to pay for my dinner. He said no but its good that you offered cause if you had not offered then this would be our last date. Damn, if only I had known that, I wouldn't have offered!!! Now I need a different way out, lol. He asked me if I was too tired to get a coffee and I said that I was and needed to get home.
I was feeling pretty bummed after 4 bad dates so I called my cousin and met up with her and some of her friends. One guy was really nice and we chatted until 2 am. He took my number and we will see if he calls....

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