Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Tenth Date.

I learned a new jdate lesson today. His picture was actually really good looking! However, it was a head shot only. We spoke on the phone a bit and I realized that he was a difficult person that seemed quite set in his ways. I could tell that he thought he was good looking by the way he spoke about himself and his arrogant and cocky attitude. I was feeling up for a challenge so we decided to meet. So like I said, his head was very good looking, as for the rest of him... Totally not my type. He was very short, way shorter then the 5'9 he admitted to in his profile and he had one of those small little muscle bodies. His head did not at all match his body. As soon as he saw me and verified that I in fact did look like my picture and that there were no scary surprises, he looked very relieved and relaxed. We met at a dessert place and he looked at the menu and picked (among all the crepes and waffles and ice cream and cakes) a nonfat strawberry yogurt. I was ready to leave. I had my heart set on a crepe with double chocolate ice cream, whip cream and brownies on top. I settled for a hot chocolate. Not because I was worried about what he would think but because I felt like it would be too much of a site to see a man eating his nonfat yogurt while a tiny girl chows down on a huge crepe all by herself! When the drinks came the waiter actually gave me the pink yogurt and him the hot chocolate! Even he thought it didn't make sense!!! He told me that there are three kinds of body types, endo-something or other.... One is more heavy, one is more skinny and one is more muscular. He told me that he was the muscular one so I asked him what I was. He said well I have to get a 360 of you in order to verify that one Sweety. I looked him dead in the eyes and said "Well I'm not fat and I'm not muscular so you have two seconds to pick the correct answer!" The rest of the conversation went okay. We talked mostly about shallow things. No talk about future plans like marriage and children, red flag if a guy does not feel comfortable to talk about that stuff. Also, although he was Jewish, from two Jewish parents, he may as well have been any other religion. He had no clue about Judaism, didn't care about it and didn't care to practice it. That was another huge turnoff. Even my bf who is not Jewish was more interested in it then he was! Anyways, the date lasted about 3 hours, which is pretty long for me and I was kept in good conversation and even a bit of flirting. After the date, he walked me down the street to my friends apartment where my car was parked and he leaned in for a kiss. I let him kiss me but it was not very good. It wasn't a sweet first kiss, it was a shove-a-tongue down my throat kind of kiss. BARF. I was saved by a cute little psychotic Chihuahua who was walking by and started barking his head off at us. Saved by the pup! I went into my friends place cause she had some other friends over for drinks. It was me, four gay guys, another girl, my friend and her bf and lots of alcohol. They all wanted to hear about the date and the guys confirmed that he must be gay and wished I had brought him to the party!! I couldn't stop laughing because while I was on the date I was actually thinking that he would be one of the guy's perfect type! I feel like I would maybe go on a second date with him cause he seems like he knows how to have fun but definitely not my type to date or be in a relationship with. He is dating for fun whereas I am dating for a relationship that leads to marriage. Although his way seems way more entertaining and way less stressful! Something to consider???


  1. I think there are a lot of people who aren't comfortable with the marriage and kids question upfront even if they want to be married soon. It's a little scary to hear from someone you barely know. When I've heard it it makes me feel like they are completely judging me for a mate on very superficial things. I also like dating for "fun" even though I'm always looking for a long-term relationship. You can do both at the same time. Good luck, I love your blog!