Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Eleventh Date.

This is beginning to get ridiculous. He looked NOTHING like his picture. Nothing, not even close. When I walked into the restaurant to meet him for lunch, I was thinking that there must be some mistake, someone is playing a cruel joke on me. He was a greasy guy with terrible skinny teeth and a terrible body and just terrible. I was so disappointed. We chatted before the date and he seemed like a really great guy but there was zero attraction. We ordered 2 appetizers cause it was a late lunch. I ordered avo egg rolls and then he said that he would also have the same. So I told him that was silly, we may as well order something else and just share the two things. The waitress recommended a cheese and spinach dip. As soon as she brought them I realized that I was totally grossed out at the idea of sharing food with him. I usually don't care about stuff like that so you can imagine how much he turned me off. I told him that I am just getting over a cold so to please not double dip and that we should both just take some of the dip into our own plates and not share from the middle plate. He told me that he was a mechanical engineer so i imagine that he is quite successful. He told me about passed relationships and that his last gf cheated on him. He told me that to get her back, he hacked into her email account. That made you two even?!?!? So weird! The waitress asked him if he was from a different country because of his accent. So he said yes and then turned to me and said "you see, you have some competition to be with me". Too bad because of the language barrier he didn't understand that she was not complimenting him but rather explaining to him why it was hard for her to understand what the hell he was saying!!I made some kind of comment about my future children and he said "Its our first date, we are not having kids together yet"! Haha, witty.... How about we are not having kids together EVER!!! I tried to make him disinterested as a new tactic to avoid the awkward email or phone call after the date by telling him that everyone cheats and I think its perfectly fine as long as you are not married. Somehow this backfired and made him even more interested. I offered to pay and he said no no, you can pay next time. NEXT TIME??? Really? Can I? Needless to say that was our first and last date.

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