Friday, October 23, 2009

My third date.

Showed up late -4
In a Kia -6
Didn't hold the door-8
Ordered first -10
Receding hair line in 3 different places -12
He told me who his brother is -15
Paid for lunch +2

I feel bad giving him such a low score cause he was a nice guy just a bit socially awkward. He does nothing all day and then works from 5 pm until 1 am. I think this will make it very difficult for him to have a relationship with anyone that works from 9-5. He does not have a great relationship with his family and he is living with a friend of his that is female (also a turnoff for a new girlfriend). We lasted about an hour until I told him that I had to meet up with my sister. He asked me for my number and I told him that I don't like to give it out and that he could email me. He did. Now I need to figure out what to email him back to tell him in a nice way that I am sooooooo not interested. I really think I must be doing something wrong if he thought he could ask me out on a second date. If someone told me that "they don't like to give out their number" I would get the hint right away!!! Maybe he is just trying his luck. Bless his dorky soul :)


  1. "you're just no that into him."

    he's like the girl that just didn't "get it"

  2. Be honest and direct. You won't ever see him again, so it's not like it will be an awkward moment in the work break room. Just email and say that although you appreciated him taking the time to meet you for lunch, you didn't feel there was any chemistry and you are sure he'll find what he's looking for out there. Then wish him good luck and leave it at that.

    Can you tell I've done the online dating thing?

  3. I've done the online dating thing too. Guys need to be told directly if you're not interested (some more than once). They do not do well with hints!