Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jdate- funny convo #1

So I had a theory that I got to test today on jdate chat. My theory is that if a guy appears confident and cocky all you have to do is be bitchy and assertive and he will fold into a little apologetic fumbling idiot, unless he is really in fact a confident guy. This guy is a short and very unattractive 30 year old. He is from a Moroccan background which could mean he thinks woman are less then him. His picture is of him inside an expensive sports car and he thought he was the shit.... til he decided to talk to me :) I thought you might find this conversation entertaining so I saved it to add to my blog. Girls, don't be scared to be assertive and call a guys bluff to see if he really is as tuff as he appears to be!

Dumb guy: Very Cute indeed, Great profile

ME: thanks

Dumb guy: Nice to see a women be real on here

ME: what do u mean?

Dumb guy: Are you born in Israel?

ME: No, but father is.

Dumb guy: You open up in your profile you can feel your passion thats good.

Dumb guy: cool

Dumb guy: Your mother is born here?

ME: nope in hungary

Dumb guy: oh wow

ME: and u?

Dumb guy: thats a hot mix

Dumb guy: Born and Raised here.

Dumb guy: My Father is Jewish from Morocco and my Mother is Jewish from here

Dumb guy: My mother is Ashkenazi Russian and Polish

ME: cool

Dumb guy: So do you have any other pics of you

ME: nope thats it

Dumb guy: true that, its always better in person, I dont like getting to know people online.

Dumb guy: So what else is up with you?

Dumb guy: Besides looking all cute for me in this pic.

ME: for u?

Dumb guy: hahah, not yet

ME: i am really not that type of girl and i dont like when guys talk about me like htat...

Dumb guy: why are you thinking so deep into that, Im not that type of guy, relax

ME: I just expect for guys to treat me with a lot of respect, and u are already talking in a way i dont like

Dumb guy: I expect the same, so where on the same page.

Dumb guy: I am very direct I have my criteria also

Dumb guy: so its good to see your a mature person

ME: I am...

Dumb guy: Well then this could work out well. I am the same way. I have a zero tolerance for games

ME: but that doesnt mean that we r each others types or that this could work out well...

ME: what do u do for a living?

Dumb guy: Thats kind of shallow to ask that so soon

ME: i thought u are direct and dont like games...

Dumb guy: I kind of like to wait before we get into that

ME: now u r playing a game

Dumb guy: Yeah but your just throwing it out way tooo soon, dont you think

ME: nope, thats why i asked

Dumb guy: Ok well right now I am looking into becoming a Social Worker, I was working full time but I am doing a career change

ME: so u r not working right now?

Dumb guy: I lost my job due to economic situations

ME: what were u doing before?

Dumb guy: but it was a blessing in disguise, I felt that there was something better for me to do and I love people and helping people with problems, so I think Social work is more for me

Dumb guy: I was in Corporate Business Development before, I was bringing in accounts, closing big sales but my passion have always been with dealing people

ME: sounds good

Dumb guy: so when I lost my Job,I saw that maybe g-d did this to me for a reason to use my other talents into a better career with more meaning

Dumb guy: its not always ABOUT MONEY HONEY

ME: that was another rude comment... I make my own money so thanks for sharing that....

Dumb guy: So if you want the doctor lawyer dentist I cant offer that what I can offer you is stimulating challenging communication and I wont lie I love to cuddle :)

ME: i want someone who is ambitious, it has nothing to do with money. It is attractive when a man has drive and ambition

Dumb guy: So I guess your like the song Ms Independent, Neos song

ME: yup, he wrote that right after he met me :)

Dumb guy: Well I think I have that in me honey

Dumb guy: I dont want to ask you but what do you do

ME: first rule, dont call me honey....

Dumb guy: deal, sorry,That will never happen again scouts honour.

ME: I work with teens who are addicted to drugs or who are in trouble

Dumb guy: for real

ME: yes for real, why do u think i am so tuff

Dumb guy: yes you are tough indeed, But its very attractive

Dumb guy: Why did you give this Jdate a shot.

ME: just broke up with my boyfriend

Dumb guy: I was with a non jewish girl, we broke up cause I want a Jewish woman, plus I have heard good things about jdate, so why not give this shot.

ME: exactly

Dumb guy: Have we ever crossed paths,I feel like I have seen you before or talked I dont know

Dumb guy: Its not always I communicate so well with someone on here.

ME: u dont look familiar... so i dont think so

Dumb guy: Or such a tough woman, hhahah

ME: yup, that i am

Dumb guy: I think thats awesome, I think we need to grab a drink sometime.

Dumb guy: But you never told me your name, sorry my falut, I never asked you.

Dumb guy: What high school did you attend

Dumb guy: What some other guy is messaging you now, am I on the waiting list hahah

ME: now u r showing your jealous side....

Dumb guy: its was a joke, if you saw the hahah

ME: remember, there is truth behind every joke...

Dumb guy: sorry

Dumb guy: How can I be Jelous when we havent met

Dumb guy: If we were in a Relationship and some guy starts grabbing you in front of me, Then where talking a different thing here

ME: even then... I handle myself...

Dumb guy: :) Are you sure your not born in Israel?

ME: yea, I'm sure,why?

Dumb guy: Well you look it a lot and act it a lot but thats good thing

Dumb guy: Where have you travelled? I have been to over 20 countries

ME: all over....

Dumb guy: Maybe we share some passions here,I backpacked Europe in 2000

ME: I dont backpack but i do like to travel

Dumb guy: well now I have friends from all different countries races and relligions 1 love

Dumb guy: Im all about Unity in this world.

ME: then why did u break up with ur non jewish girlfriend?

Dumb guy: deep in the back of my mind I wantted to be with a Jewish woman and marry and make sure my children are Jews

ME: isee

Dumb guy: sorry I didnt want to bring this up

Dumb guy: but what about you

ME: what about me?

Dumb guy: You told me you broke up with your Bf how long was this was he Jewish

Dumb guy: What did he do or didnt do to keep you attracted to him

Dumb guy: Obvious something he was doing to kill the sparks

Dumb guy: This is how I am I am very direct

Dumb guy: Its not to hurt you

ME: he is perfect, just not jewish

ME: u cant hurt me, so dont worry

Dumb guy: Do you take combat training, hahah

ME: i dont need combat training, im naturally tuff

Dumb guy: you are indeed I love it

Dumb guy: Well so you now how it is then. you been through the non Jewish thing too

ME: yup

Dumb guy: J What did you end up doing this weekend

ME: I have to go walk my dog now....

ME: later!

Dumb guy: ok well I hope we can continue this

Dumb guy: but something tells me your pissed at me

Dumb guy: I think your great no matter what.


  1. HA HA! ohhh please post more of those in the future! hahaha

  2. he messes up your and you're deal breaker for me :)
    by the way, i think you are super brave for doing this. i don't think i could handle it. i'm on jdate too and i don't have the patience you seem to possess.

  3. Good lord, I've had almost the same conversation so many times. What is it with the short, unattractive, obviously single for a reason, men on Jdate.

  4. Can't side with either of you. You both said some mature things and some immature things.