Monday, October 19, 2009

My Second date- Part 2 and 3

So two dates in and I have already messed up the plan. I went out with the second guy two more times already. He asked me out again, just like I told him he would. (To be honest, I kind of called his bluff, I had no idea that he would actually call.) I guess acting really strong and independent and confident really works out there in the "dating scene". So anyways, we met for lunch at a sushi place by his office. He said that if I was able to wait until 2 to eat, he would take the rest of the day off to spend with me. I said that was great. He called me at 2 and I told him that I had lost track of time and was not ready so we met at 3. Lunch was fun! I thought about eating with chopsticks and not with my hands (the way I normally eat) but then I figured, nah screw it, if he doesn't like the way I eat, better he finds out now. So I told him that I am a messy eater and I enjoy sushi better when I use my hands. I would like to think that he admired my honesty and found it cute! We finished at about 5:30 and then we both had to go to our own families houses for shabbat dinner. I told him that after dinner, I was going to the rabbi's house for a shuir (a lesson) and that he was welcome to join. He told me that he would love to but that his family starts dinner late and he wouldn't make it there on time. Then he said that two dates in one day was breaking his "jdate rules". I told him that he should consider himself lucky cause a second date all together breaks my "jdate rules"!

The next day he asked me out again. The plan was that I would meet him midtown (thats where he lives and where the better restaurants are) for dinner. We met at his place, had a glass of wine, well, I had half a glass cause that is way more then I usually even handle. Then we went out for a nice Italian dinner. He told me that he knows that I am trouble. I innocently asked what he meant... He said that he NEVER takes a girl out two days in a row and NEVER on a Saturday night. He also told me that he had a few other dates set up but decided not even to call the girls back. He told me that I was messing up his game. I told him to please call all the other girls back and not to let me mess up anything because he wasn't messing up my game and I have every intention on continuing to date. He looked like he wanted to punch me :) We went back to his place and had some snacks and watched Family guy til I was so tired and had to go home.

I will not keep posting dates about this guy even though I do think there will be more, unless its a really good one!

I am trying really hard to fall for him. He is a really great guy. I think I need a bit more time and perhaps a bit more distance between me and my boyfriend. We had some really painful and difficult conversations this week and I feel more confused then before. I wonder if this challenge was a good idea or not but I am going to stick it out cause I have no other way of knowing.


  1. "he wanted to puch you in your d!ck?" hahah I love these blogs... I am glad you are willing to share them with me :)

  2. I love your blog and am rooting for you. Thanks for sharing your stories. I don't think you need advice, but I'd say don't 'try hard to fall for this guy. Let it unfold as it is meant to.' And I totally respect that you're leaving the rest of the dates with #2 out of the stream.

    I'm in the dating drama with you, and I think you're smart and brave :)