Thursday, October 15, 2009

My First Date.

Where do I begin.... So it was about 10 PM and some guy messaged me on jdate. We chatted for a while, he asked if I would call him on the phone and I did. We talked for quite a while on the phone and the guy seemed nice. He asked me how spontaneous I was. He asked if I was spontaneous enough to meet him right now at 11:30 PM. I was hesitant but because of my sworn oath to this challenge, I said yes. I got out of my PJ's, put on some jeans and some make up and I went. The only thing open around my area at that hour was a small coffee shop so thats where we met. When we got there we found out it was closed and that only the drive thru was open. Being up for anything, I said that we should just get coffee from the drive thru and chat outside. We did. Or rather he did. He talked and talked and talked. He talked about past girlfriends and he talked about how he was "between jobs" and how he was seriously considering quiting smoking. I let him know that smoking was on my non negotiable list and so was unemployment. He said he was opening up a small business and that he would need a girl to come along for the ride. I smiled politely while thinking to myself "good luck with that buddy"! He appologized for the place that he took me and said that usually he likes to take a girl to Starbucks... easy there big spender!!!
So being a very assertive person I found it very shocking that it took me a full half hour to try to explain that I was tired and needed to go home.
As soon as I pulled out of the parking lot, I got a text message asking for a second date. Are you kidding me?? Were we on the same date?? Did I give any ounce of a sign that I was interested in a second date?? I need to be more aware of that for the rest of the 49....

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