Friday, October 16, 2009

My Second date.

Uh oh. This date actually went quite well. He was tall, good looking and a lawyer... He acted like a perfect gentleman the whole time. We decided to meet at Starbucks after I was done seeing a client. It was about 9:30 and of course I showed up late and he was already waiting. I ordered a tall, iced, non fat latte with half a shot decaf espresso, non fat milk, no pump, one splenda and caramel on top. I asked him not to judge me on my drink order. He laughed! The conversation was great and he was funny and charming. We stayed until Starbucks closed and then we left and went to 24 hour coffee shop down the street. We each talked about our non negotiable lists. I told him that my mate has to be Jewish, mentally healthy (him and his immediate family) and financially stable and responsible. He said he passed the first two and half of the last one. He said he makes money but likes to spend it. So I told him that was not a problem as long as if we got married I would be in charge of the finances. He almost chocked on his coffee and I just smiled, cause I was not joking! He said his list was more simple. Jewish, looks good inside a bathing suit and looks good outside a bathing suit. I told him I passed all of those except that after 5 kids (thats how many he said he wanted) I couldn't promise what my body would look like. He suggested Pilates, I suggested we end the date right there :) We ended up staying out for 3 hours and then he said that we should go because he had to wake up early. He said that we have already touched on subjects that most people don't get to on the first date like the fact that I will be controlling his money and I may get fat after 5 kids. I smiled and said that the really amazing thing is that even after knowing all of that about me, he would still call me for a second date. He walked me to my car and asked me to message him when I got home safe, I thought that was really sweet and I did. And he asked me for a second date :) Needless to say, my mom was happy.

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  1. "He suggested Pilates, I suggested we end the date righr there."