Friday, October 23, 2009

My fourth date.

I am so sorry for complaining about date number one and date number three. This guy.... I don't even know what to say about him. What a tool! We chatted for about a week on msn. He messaged me multiple times a day even if I didn't answer for a few days he kept trying. He said that he knew my sister and that he had seen me before in her facebook pictures and always wanted to ask her if I was single. I thought that was kind of sweet until the msn stalking began. I could tell he was nervous because all his messages ended with LOL, a happy face or haha. It is so unattractive when a guy shows you how insecure he is. After about a week of him desperately trying to meet up with me I finally agreed to get it over with. I agreed to meet him after work at 10:20 PM at a Starbucks that I knew closed at 11. I don't even have words to describe the awkwardness. I am great at keeping a conversation going and I just couldn't do it with him. I was staring out the window, texting people on my cell phone and he just sat there looking at me. I actually felt bad for how pathetic he was. How is a guy like that supposed to find a girl? I talked about all my exs, I talked about other guys I was dating and he did not pick up on any of the social ques of how terribly bored I was even for the short 40 minute meeting. He told me he lives here alone, his family is in a different city and has been here for 11 years. He finished school last June and has a diploma in sports marketing. He has since been looking for a job. So thats right, on top of everything, he's UNEMPLOYED. He told me his jdate "horror" stories. He told me that one woman failed to mention that she had 3 kids until after they met, another one failed to mention that she was not fully divorced yet and her husband still lived with her in the house and other funny ones like that... The only thing he didn't clue into was the fact that they all made those things up to get rid of him from stalking them!!!! And don't you think, first thing this morning he already messaged me. So what should I tell him?? Everyone has already used all the good ones on him! Thank g-d I didn't give him my phone number and I will obviously block him from msn!!!


  1. You should be straight up with him. It sounds like you don't want anything to do with him, so why worry about hurting his feelings by telling him the truth? It might help him find someone if he learns not to be so awkward and creepy.

  2. Im enjoying your blogs, and have totally been where you are. but you sound awfully condescending and sometimes mean. Imagin a guy gave you a -4 for your hair type, or not having a perfect nose, or a little bit of booty. Jdate guys should get major kudos for putting themselves out there, they get hounded by their buddies and we clearly see them out in public and know where we've"seen " them before. If someone doesnt "work" for you..isnt your type or just isnt tall enough for you. dont be mean.
    Good luck with your search, I hope you meet your Jewish Mr. Right! : )

  3. Do you really thing it was cool to behave rudely? Is that how you handle awkward situations?