Monday, October 12, 2009

My situation.

I am a Jewish girl who is dating a non Jewish guy. Not only is he not Jewish, he lives in Europe. I love him and want to marry him but he does not want to convert. I have been looking for signs to stay with him or to leave him but I have not found any. I am not sure if I think I can't marry him because I want to marry a Jewish guy or because of my mother. I have talked to Rabbis and family members and friends and they all say that I need to marry a Jewish guy. If I decide to stay with him I would also be moving to Europe to be with him for two years and then he would move back home with me to raise a family. He is very open to my customs and my religion and even came to spend the Jewish holidays with me and my family and participated in all the customs and even came to synagogue with us. He just doesn't think its right to convert for marriage and therefore does not want to do it. He hopes I will change my mind about marrying a non Jew and be open minded to moving to Europe to start a life with him.

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