Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Fifteenth Date.

One of my old boyfriends (dated him when I was 19) had his 30th birthday party. We have remained in touch over the last 7 years and we would hang out a few times a year to catch up. This weekend was his 30th birthday party and he told me that I must come. He wanted me to meet his new "girl of the month" and he also wanted to introduce me to one of his single friends that he thought I might be interested in. I decided to go. It was a great party, I got to see all of his friends that I used to hang out with years ago, I got to meet his new gf and hang out with his siblings, who I hadn't seen in a long time either. Then a guy walked in about 2 hours late. He was tall, very good looking and I assumed he must be the one I was supposed to meet. By that time, the birthday boy was so drunk that he didn't realize he was supposed to introduce me to him. I was trying a new approach, my pushy approach didn't work on my cousin's friend that never called, so I waited. He ended up coming up to me and we chatted for a bit. He was really cute. He was not that smart and not so great at making conversation but I will definitely say he was at least an 8 on the looks scale. (That is very high because I don't believe anyone is a 10!) Anyways, I had to go shortly after that so I said goodbye to everyone at the party and gave him a kiss on the cheek. There were too many people around to give him my number so I just left. I figure, if he wants my number then he will ask his friend to give it to him. I am working on not being so aggressive and letting things just happen. I was debating if I should call or text the guy that didn't call me (my cousins friend) and ask him why he didn't call and thats when I decided to adopt this philosophy of backing off and letting a guy be a guy. If he didn't call and if this one doesn't make the effort to get my number then "they are just not that into me". And that's okay :)

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  1. I have been following your blog and this is not the first instance where you're counting a non-date as a date. If you're really committed to this process, then you should be giving the guys a fair chance, and really go on 50 dates. Initial meetings and conversations at a party/bar do not count as a date. I'm sorry, but they should be removed and your number reset. As it stands, it seems like you are just going through the motions in order to get to your 50th date and can then "decide" that no one will match your ex and you can go back to him with a clear conscience. It seems as though you've already made the decision that no one is as good as your ex and you want him back. If that's the case then there's nothing wrong with abandoning this idea and going back to him. Also, I wanted to add that unless the date is just horrible, you really should accept a second date. Sometimes people are too nervous or whatever to give a clear indication of who they are on a first date. A second date can give you a better idea of if you mesh.