Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Thirty Second Date

I met this guy last Sunday afternoon for lunch. He seemed nice. Well spoken. Great job. Pretty cute. A bit short and a bit boring....
Lunch went well. We stayed for almost 2 hours talking about jdate. We exchanged theories about it and laughed about some of our funny past dates. There was no chemistry. He wasn't really connected to Judaism. We talked about Passover because it was coming up that week and he said that he didn't really observe the holiday etc. Also he mentioned that for 2 weeks out of every month he lives in a different state for work. He has his own condo and car there but when he is here he lives with parents and uses their car. I wonder if thats the same story he tells girls there... Anyways, lunch ended and he asked if I wanted to go grab a coffee to continue hanging out. I really didn't. I said that I had to go pick up my niece now so that it wouldn't work out... There was too much that already wasn't working for me with him. Plus, I thought about Crazy guy the entire time...
He called me a few times since the date and I met him once more for a walk in the park. I tried to be interested but I remained bored out of my mind for the entire walk... I politely told him that I was just not that into him.

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  1. How can you like someone who you've nicknamed "Crazy guy"?

    I used to enjoy your blog but now it just seems like you have these walls up with every guy you meet who ISN'T psycho.

    Why don't you try a prison penpal connection. I hear Bernie Madoff is a GREAT catch.