Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Thirty First Date

I found this guy online months ago. We talked a few times on the phone and a lot on msn. Even when I was with the two other guys, we would still chat on msn a few times a week. He has a reputation of being a jerk. He is very forward and crude. He makes rude jokes and has no manners. He is pretty good looking, super tall (like a foot taller then me) and in amazing shape. Also he is a police officer, plays in a band and could be described as white trash. However, he is quite intelligent and is thinking about applying to law school.... Also, i think his humor is quite entertaining and witty.
Anyways, after about 4 months, he texts me on Friday night and asks me what I am doing. I told him that I was at my grandmothers house for shabbat dinner and I was going to go home soon... it was already 11 PM. He told me not to be such a "tight ass" and to meet him and his friends at a bar/club. I was not dressed to go to a club. I was in jeans and my converse shoes but he convinced me to come by. I walked in and looked for the tallest guy in there and recognized him immediately. He gave me a big hug as if we had known each other for years! It kind of felt like that cause we had developed somewhat of a friendship over the last few months. I felt like a little girl... I felt like I was as tall as his belly button, lol!
It was strange to have a first date at a club with his friends but it did ease the tension a lot! And I was surprised with myself that I actually went alone to a club, under-dressed, and with more self confidence then any girl wearing a mini skirt in there!
He was out with a bunch of cop friends who were very drunk but very nice! We sat together in a booth and talked and laughed. It wasn't long before he kissed me. He was very sauve about it. He moved my hair away from my neck and kissed me there and then looked up at me and kissed me on the lips. It was a great first kiss. Not awkward at all and he is an amazing kisser!!! We had a lot of chemistry right away and it felt right to kiss him. He was actually quite cute with me. He made sure I was comfortable, got me a drink (non alcoholic of course), held my hand, put on my jacket etc. he did not live up to his jerky reputation at all!
After the club he asked if I was hungry... It was 2 am but I said sure why not! So we went to a late night Chinese restaurant with one of his friends. We had fun there too! It was a bit weird because his friend was a bit drunk and was totally hitting on me in front of him! He just laughed it off. His friend was younger then me and not Jewish and a real hick! We just kind of laughed at him! He paid for dinner. For some reason with him I didn't even offer to pay. I'm not sure why. I always offer to pay with nice guys but with assholes or players or guys who think they are something I often don't even do the "fake purse reach". We dropped off his friend and then he drove me back to my car. We made out for a bit in his car. I thanked him for dinner and for a nice night and went home.
The second I got home, I already had a facebook message and friend request from his friend, lol!!! I guess he was sober enough to remember my name!
I have seen him one more time since but I will tell you about that in my next update.
I am sooo not into him in terms of a boyfriend or anything serious but I do have a good time with him and am attracted to him. Its never happened to me before that I just like someone physically but have no desire to be with them.... Weird.


  1. Isnt that what you said about "crazy guy"...

  2. What a waste of human flesh. How are you still going on dates? Clearly you're a pathetic excuse for a woman. You need to stop dating completely. The way you communication on your blog is a fine definition of immaturity.

    No wonder you're not married.

    You're desperate.

  3. oh my goodness, you are awesome. Don't listen to that horrible troll above. THAT person is the one who needs a life. Your blog is great and I love it! Good luck continuing on with your search and adventure! It must suck to be as miserable as the person above...

  4. Why on earth would you refer to someone as "white trash" because he is a police officer rather than a professional that spends his days in a cushy office? I don't know what type of police officer he is, but as a general rule they're making real-time contributions to making the world a better, safer place to be (as opposed to the cushy office workers who also impact the world, but not as directly). Perhaps you're referring to some other characteristics in number 31's personality, but from the police officer and band-member descriptors alone I find such a conclusion to be premature. Would you refer to soldiers and firemen and skilled laborers as white trash too because of their profession?

    I'm a regular reader, and normally I find your postings charming and entertaining, but I find a statement like that elitist and reeking of ignorance. Does someone really need to hold a professional degree (MD, DDS, MBA, PA, etc) to be "Worthy" of you?

  5. Wow! You guys are hating today!! I am so glad that you were able to find a perfect partner without going through some bad choices or relationships like I am! Its hard when you fall for someone that may not be the right one for you...
    P.S. The "white trash comment had nothing to do with his profession and everything to do with his behavior, attitude and things he says... And no a degree would not make me think any more or any less that he acts like white trash.... As I said, he is going into law and I still think he will act the same. I have nothing against police officers, firemen or soldiers... This comment was very specific to him as a person.

  6. fair enough about the white trash comment. thanks for the clarification.