Friday, April 16, 2010

My Thirty Fourth Date

His picture was a kind of nerdy looking but he seemed to have this great confidence about him. He gave me his number and I called him with my number blocked. The conversation was good. He was smart, well traveled, cultured and a mensch. He spoke to me as though he thought he was the sexiest man alive. He was very confident in himself and in his achievements and I found it attractive in a weird way. I agreed to meet him that same evening. We met at a bubble tea place after work one night. The conversation was good until he started to throw some "fun facts" at me. He told me that I shouldn't wear contacts too often because over time the microscopic hairs on my eye ball would stop producing moisture and blah blah blah. He told me that the tapioca in bubble tea was made out of pork and I told him that it was made out out rice and potato and we argued about that for a while until the waitress told me I was right. Which he still didn't believe and told me to make sure to look it up when I get home. I told him that I didn't care to do that because I don't even order my tea with tapioca! And then the real fun part was when he started to explain to me what he does for a living. Again, I am not an uneducated moron but know your audience for G-d sakes! Know that I do not look like someone that would be interested in talking about mechanical engineering for half an hour!
Also his confidence really did not match his look. He was a really nice dorky looking guy with out dated glasses (so that he could keep his microscopic eye hairs healthy of course!). He said things like "you are lucky that I gave you my number and met with you on such short notice cause I normally don't do that".
He took care of the bill when I went to the washroom which I thought was a gentleman move. He walked me to my car and told me that he requests a call to know that I got home safe. I told him that I was not going straight home. He got a bit demanding and said well then call me when you get somewhere safe so that I know you are okay. I get the protective thing but it was a bit too soon to demand a call from me and I didn't like the way he said it. The truth is that perhaps if I liked him, I would have found that so sexy but I didn't like him so I found it annoying.
I didn't call him when I got to my friends house and he didn't have my number and he seemed confident enough to get the message and not be insulted. I would actually really like to find a nice girl for him cause I think he would be a good boyfriend, just not for me...


  1. He seems like a fairly nice guy. Maybe you really could hook him up with a nice girl.

  2. Eye balls don't have hairs and they don't produce liquid either... that little hole on the medial side of your eyelid is where the liquid comes out. Don't go out with him again.

  3. Poor Engineers :-( Everyone is so mean about the fact that we talk about what we do for a living...but of course it's rude it we don't want to listen to what YOU do for a living. Please don't automatically write off all Engineers as nerdy, boring people :-)