Monday, April 19, 2010

My Thirty Fifth Date

Not from Jdate... 10 points!
He is my best friend's close family friend. They grew up together and then stopped hanging out for years because he was away at school etc. She once suggested that I meet him but it never happened and then I was dating someone else and I tried to convince her to go for him because their parents were already best friends and he was a "good catch". He started to come out with our group of friends in the last few months but I wasn't interested or I was dating the doctor or the crazy guy and nothing ever happened. Then about a week ago I added him to facebook because I was making a surprise party for my best friend and wanted to invite him. We started chatting one afternoon and were both not busy and hungry so we decided to grab sushi. I really didn't think it was a date, cause we have been hanging out for a few months now but turns out it was....
We met at sushi and ordered EVERYTHING! We ate more then 5 people would eat at a dinner and it was lunch time! We had good conversation and laughed a lot. We talked about what I do and about his new job that he was excited about. He paid for lunch and then asked if I wanted to go to the mall with him. I said sure! We went to the mall and it was like going with my best friend... They are both Russian background and care a lot about designers and labels and the latest styles and trends... It was like he was the guy version of my best friend! He knew all the hottest designers and has great style and fashion sense. It was so much fun going with a guy that appreciates shopping! So rare! Anyways, it was a really great day. No pressure, care free and lots of fun. Two days later we went out again. He invited me to a movie and in the middle of the movie he leaned over and kissed me. At first I moved away... I was like "oh G-d, why is he ruining a good thing already!" I know his parents and see them all the time, so if we hook up and dont work out then it will be awkward at parties etc. He didn't care.. he tried again... I kissed him back. It was okay. No crazy sparks or anything but that may have been from all the stuff going through my head at the time. I spoke to my best friend about it... She thinks we would be a good match... He is successful and comes from a good home. She thinks he is really good looking, I think he is okay... He is also the type to not want to be in a committed relationship and I am not even sure that I would want to be with a guy like him...
Anyways, I'm sure we will hang out again and either something more will happen or we will go back to how it was...
I am still on the fence with him... Not sure if he is a good idea or not....


  1. Doesn't he sound a little...metrosexual? Or uh, homosexual? I don't mean that in a rude way either, just pointing it out.

  2. I've dated (Jewish) guys that are super into their clothes. Sometimes its because they come from a family with sisters or lots of female influence. I don't think its metrosexual or homosexual at all - lots of guys are into fashion, it is just rare to find one that is also not a player or into the LA "scene".

    Don't over-analyze here. If you are nervous about dating someone so close to you and your friends, talk to him about it casually. Have fun, hang out, see what happens. If you're not even sure whether or not you'd want to date him seriously then why does it matter?! You're young and pretty and have the right to have fun with boys.

  3. Just because someone is into fashion doesn't mean they're not straight! That's such backwards thinking! If anything, it's great; who wants to go shopping with a guy and have them roll their eyes and stare at their watches the entire time!

    You'll never know if he's a good idea or not unless you hang out with him and determine if he's someone you like. Don't think of him as a family friend, or that you see him family all the time; that might cloud your judgement. Just date him for him and have a good time!

  4. @AlabasterMuslim
    the whole reason the term metrosexual was invented was to describe straight guys that were into all of this stuff. so, if that is the case, it shouldn't bother the diarist, and you shouldn't be making snide comments.

    In fact, i'd argue that even if this guy is Bi, which it's likely he's not, all that matters is his interest in the diarist, which he's shown a bunch. so why make snide comments about his tastes?