Friday, February 26, 2010

My Twenty Eighth Date

Sorry I have been MIA for the last week.... Here is why:

A guy on jdate sent me a flirt so I messaged him. He had a picture from very far away so I couldn't see what he looked like but I could tell he had a very good body. He talked me into getting my bbm. We chatted on bbm for a while and then I told him I wanted to get into bed and didn't feel like typing anymore. He said he didn't feel like talking on the phone so I said no problem, I will call someone else good night. He said wait, you can call me... I said it was too late and that I was already on the phone. I could tell he was a player so I didn't mind being a huge bitch. He waited 20 minutes and then messaged me again asking if I was off yet. I said I was so he asked me to call him. I did. We talked til 4:30 in the morning. Some of our conversation was quite inappropriate... which I normally wouldn't do. But again, I figured that he was a player and this would never go anywhere so I could have a bit of fun for once in my life. The next day he messaged me and we talked again that night til the wee hours of the morning. The next day (Friday) he spent the day convincing me to come over. He told me that he doesn't take girls on dates but if I wanted to come over and "hang out" that I could. I told him that I'm not that kind of girl. I want a relationship and eventually marriage. I don't want meaningless sex. He convinced me to "live a little". I looked him up on face book and realized that he was GORGEOUS. Ok, gorgeous is an understatement. He might be the most beautiful man in the entire universe. He has a body that anyone would die to have or be with. And such a stunning movie star face. I decided if I was ever going to "live a little" it should be with him!

I agreed to go over. I went over at 5 PM knowing that I had to leave at 6 PM for Shabbat dinner. I told him that I wanted to meet and see if I was comfortable with him or not. He said okay. I went to his condo. He kissed me. I thought I could go through with it. I thought I could be promiscuous or slutty. I couldn't do it. I became shy and uncomfortable. He sat next to me and said that we could just hang out and talk if I was uncomfortable. I said that would be a better idea. We talked and talked and then I realized the time. I was late for dinner... He asked me if I could come back after. I said that I had a date planned for after dinner and that I couldn't come back. He said "what if I took you out on a date". I cancelled my date with the other guy.
Mr. "I don't take girls on dates" was taking me out on a date?!?!? Uh oh... I have been here before... We decided to meet at the theater for a 9:30 show. He messaged me at 9 and asked where I was, I said I was still at my grandmothers house. He got a bit annoyed and said that I am going to miss the movie. We got into an argument over bbm. He said that he can not believe he is at the theater waiting for a girl. I told him to relax and not to stress me out cause it was not going to make me drive any faster. The argument continued when I got to the theater. I told him not to ever rush me cause I hate that and he told me not to make him wait cause he hates that. It was so weird. I could be myself. I didn't pretend to be the "perfect Jewish housewife" like I normally do when I am trying to get a guy. I was able to be my hot headed self.... We saw the Valentine movie and it was fun. I went back to his house and we kissed and cuddled and watched TV. He was very respectful of my comfort level. He walked me to my car and told me to call him when I get home safe. He is such a typical Israeli man, I love that kind of protective nature. MAJOR TURN ON! He asked what I was doing Saturday night. I told him I was going clubbing with my best friend. He asked if he could take me for dinner first. First a movie, then dinner, two nights in a row???? What is going on here??? He picked me up from my house- I never let guys do that but he insisted that it is a man's job to pick up a woman for a date. We had sushi and then my friend picked me up from his place and I went out with her. I thought about him while I was out. I tried not to, cause I am not supposed to be falling for another player... but I did. Sunday I spent the day with him downtown. we were very cute and affectionate while we were out. We were like one of those couples that makes people want to barf from how lovey dovey we were acting. We had tickle fights and we made out everywhere and held hands and it was like we were the only two people around. Really... I didn't notice anyone else. We went for dinner and then I had to go to work. I mentioned that my throat was hurting and he told me to come over after I was done work. When I got there, he had picked up chicken soup for me. I stayed over late and he was being very sweet and taking care of me. The next day we hung out again...
We had a difficult conversation that night. He asked me if I was still dating other people. I told him that I wasn't but that I wanted to keep my options open. I was brutally honest with him about my fears. I told him that I don't trust him. I think he is a player and I think he will hurt me if I let him too close. I told him that I want to find a husband not a fling and I didn't think he was financially ready for a marriage. I told him I was trying to break my cycle of dating good looking players and I wanted to find a nice secure responsible, possibly even a bit dorky, professional man who wants to settle down. He was crushed. he was so hurt that I said all that to him and I felt terrible after. I don't have a filter on my stupid mouth. He told me that he wanted to be with me and that he was trying to show me that he was not a player and that he actually respects me and is treating me differently. We talked until really late and I ended up spending the night. He was reserved and had taken 10 steps back from me. I said we should just take it slow and not plan or define anything so early on. I told him that despite what I have said out loud, I have spent the last 4 straight days with him and was obviously seeing something in him that was keeping me around. The next day he was still reserved but we spent most of the day together. He had to leave early the next morning to go away for business for 5 days. We had a really great talk that night that somehow ended in a very hot shower scene :) I know this is going to sound insane but it was one of the most liberating feelings ever. Let me explain... I am insane about my hair. It takes 2 hours to do and I do it twice a week. I had just done it and he convinced me to wet it in the shower. I don't go swimming, I miss out on water sports at the cottage, I even hesitate to go out if its raining because of my hair... and I wet it and I enjoyed myself and I felt so free. At that moment I changed my mind about him. I felt like I wanted to give him a chance and stop being such a hard ass with him.
As I left, I told him to have a safe trip and that I didn't want to date anyone else...

I am going to remain a bit cautious while enjoying every minute of him!!!!

This was week one... Here we go again!


  1. Dude he sounds fun! A bit misguided at first I suppose but it sounds like he's manning up to be with you! I like him.

  2. Wow B! He sounds great! I'm glad you're not letting your inhibitions get in the way. It's so liberating to say and do as you think without censure!
    Carry on!

  3. Amazing! Isn't it wonderful to "live a little" and come out of that good Jewish girl mode? I'm doing it myself! From blogger to blogger, we should chat!

  4. I hear you on the hair honey. I'm the same way. It's these Jewish roots!