Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Twenty-fifth Date

And... back to jdate... kill me with a knife!!!!

No. Just no! We made plans to meet at 1 PM for coffee as he is a "very busy man" but really wants to meet me. I agreed. I told him to call me at 11 AM so that we could chose a place to meet. He called me at 10:o0 on Saturday morning and woke me up. I was a bit irritated. He asked if we could move our date up to 12:30. I said okay. I got there at exactly 12:30 and phoned him to see if he was inside yet. He told me that he was running a bit late and would be there soon. I waited inside like an idiot. At least I had my book to keep me entertained! He walked in at 12:55! He is the one that asked to move it to 12:30 and then he shows up at 1 anyways??? Are you serious?!?! If I didn't have my book, I would have left for sure. Anyways.... He was a very tall and quite good looking guy. He had a very European look going on.... long hair, long black coat, Italian looking boots.... Not really my look. He sat down, and did not even apologize for being late. We talked about what I do and then he started to make fun of addiction. I couldn't believe it! He was saying things like, I think those people are just weak. I don't believe that they can't stop using drugs on their own and that people need to pay so much for rehab and drug counselors! I was shocked that he said all that to me. We had a brief debate about the topic and then I dropped the subject cause he was irritating me with his snooty, know-it-all responses. He told me that he had just taken the last 3 years to travel the world. I said that was really cool. He said, if you like traveling then you would LOVE the book I just wrote about my experiences traveling. I don't get the correlation!!! I do like traveling but I have zero interest in reading a book that you wrote and find it egotistical that you assume I would want to! (Don't worry, I said that last part in my head, not out-loud!) Then after about an hour he says that he has to get going because he is going to Paris tomorrow for a job interview! Why would he squeeze in a date just before he is thinking of moving to Paris??? What a mental case! I mentioned to him that my best friend is a corporate event planner and so he gave me his card and told me to have her give him a call because he "throws parties for very important people all the time". Ewww, so pretentious! And so not impressed! When I got home, I had an email from him waiting in my inbox. He told me that he had a wonderful time and that I was the most feminine woman he had seen in years and thought I was beautiful. He also attached a copy of his book. I didn't write back and I read the first page of his book and hated it...

In the meantime, my best friend and I went out for dinner and to an amazing club together. I am having so much fun being single with her!!!! I saw so many people that I knew and bumped into a guy that my cousin once tried to set me up with but I was with my ex at the time so we never ended up meeting. He is pretty cute and he called me right after he left the club that night. I don't think he is my type but he is a fun distraction in the meantime!
So.... I will just keep searching! I know he is out there!

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  1. Ewww! Girl, I'm glad you didn't reply to that guy! He is a straight up loser. A wannabe. Who makes fun of addicts? I bet he didn't even go out of the country. If you called him up he probably would have answered and made an excuse why he couldn't make his flight to beautiful paris.