Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Twenty Seventh Date

The guy from the club (the one that my cousin had tried to set me up with a long time ago) called me and bbm'd me every day since Saturday night. We were finally able to pick a day to meet up. Our schedules conflicted so we agreed on lunch. We met on a street near his office that has many restaurants to choose from. When I got there, I parked and waited in the car. He came up to the window and opened my door. He was on the phone. He mouthed to me that I should choose which place I wanted to eat at. I started walking to a place and he followed. Still didn't say a proper hello. We got in line and he remained on his phone. So I got on my phone. It was very weird. We got a table and sat down. He finally got off the phone. We talked and ate. There was no connection. He was nice but thats about it. I was not attracted to him and found it terribly rude that he couldn't put down his phone. I'm not sure if he did it cause he had to or if it was to try to show me how busy and important he was. Either way it was a major turn off. He walked me to my car (once again on the phone) gave me a kiss on the cheek and gave me that hand signal for "call me". Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure I will call you!!! He bbm'd me for a few days after that and drunk dialed me one other time but I think he realizes that we didn't click. He is the same age as me and is quite immature. He gets drunk a lot which is a huge turn off for me and he is just not my type....

Plus he will probably have ear cancer in a few years from all that chatting!!!!

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