Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Twenty-Sixth Date

I spoke to this guy for a while on the phone. We realized that we had conflicting schedules for most of the week except Sunday (valentines day). I felt kind of weird about it cause it was the "day of love" but he seemed nice so I agreed to meet him for bubble tea.
I work until 9 on Sundays so I told him we could meet after. I also told him that at 11 I needed to go downtown with my best friend because I had promised her we would go to a valentines day party. He said that was fine by him. I met him and he did not look like his picture. He explained that he had just gotten a bad hair cut earlier that day. How convenient... Also he was short.
Anyways, the conversation was pretty good. He asked a lot of questions and seemed interested in what I had to say.
i realized something about myself. When I am "just not that into a guy" I act very tough and almost aggressive. When I am into a guy, like with the doctor, I act sweet and nurturing. This will be a good indicator for me to know if I like someone or not! I can just pay attention to how I am acting and I will know if I am into them.

He payed and walked me to my car. There was no talk of seeing each other again and the good bye was a bit awkward.
I went out with my best friend and got a bbm message at 3 in the morning from him. "how was your night". WHAT NOT TO DO!!! Do not message a girl you just met at 3 am on the same night that you just went out with her especially if she didn't seem that into you after the date! I didn't respond. The following day he phoned me and said...
"Hey... So I am new to this whole online dating thing and I am not sure what the protocol is. I told my friend that I met this amazing girl and asked him if I should call you today. he told me that I should wait a few days or else I will seem desperate but I think he is wrong and decided to call you anyways. "
I could have ignored him but I remembered how shitty it felt to be left in the dark and unsure of how the other person feels. Plus he was a really nice guy. He was a bit socially awkward but there was no reason to be mean to him. Plus it is easier if he knows the truth so that he can move on and not keep embarrassing himself. I have decided its mean not to let someone know that you are not interested in them. So I sent him a message.

I said "hey, I had a great time with you but unfortunately I did not feel a connection. I think you are a great guy and I hope you find your soul-mate soon!"
He wrote back a whole long message saying thanks and that I am wonderful etc and he hopes the same for me too! It went perfectly! I felt great for letting him know and not leading him on! I hope that will help clear up some of my crappy kharma!

The club was so fun! I bumped into a guy that I have known since high school. We have both always had a "thing" for each other but I was never single! He is gorgeous and actually kind of famous! He is sooo not the marriage type but man is he hot! We ended up kissing good night and he has been messaging me to hang out. maybe I need a mini distraction from the "Husband Hunt" that I seem to be on... and I can't think of a better/hotter choice! So it looks like now I have two fun distractions (both not from jdate, woo hoo!)

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