Monday, May 3, 2010

My Thirty Sixth Date

This guy was super nice. Almost to a fault. In his pictures he was tall, muscular, good looking and confident. On the phone he was more like a nervous ugly teenager excited to talk to head cheerleader. I tried to believe that he was just being really nice and that maybe in person he would relax and be himself. He called a lot and said that he was "sooo super excited for our date". He told me that he showed my picture to his co-workers and that they all said I was pretty and they were excited for the date too... okie dokie....
He also teaches grade 2 and told me that even his students were excited for our date... double okie dokie...

In theory he is a great guy. He loves children and animals (has a dog that he refers to as his son). He has a good job, close with his family, has a condo and a car and is really really nice. But there was just something too over the top about his niceness. It became almost creepy...

I called him when I was done shabbat dinner to make plans to meet up. We decided to take one car. So I got to his condo and instead of offering to drive, he hopped into my car. A bit strange but no big deal....
We decided to grab dessert. He handed me a picture that was drawn by his students. He had gone onto facebook, looked me up and printed pictures of me and my dog and had his students paint them. Again, in theory this is really cute and sweet but on a first date it borders the line of being a huge awkward, weird, creepoid!!!!
We sat down, he let me order and we shared a crepe. He got a text from a co-worker and showed it to me. It said "Wow, any girl that likes crepes is a keeper!" First of all how did she know we were having crepes and second of all why is everyone so into this date but me and third why would he show me that message??
We talked mostly about our dogs and about his students and about all his tattoos. His arms were covered in them and they all had special meanings which he told me about.
I am telling you that his look did not match his personality in the least!!!! A big strong tattooed guy that was gushing and mushing all over the place!!!
After that I took him back to his place and he insisted that I meet his son (dog). I went up for 10 minutes to see the dog who was in fact one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen!!
The place was a mess and it smelled funny. I said that I had to get home and I left and went to see the cop :)


  1. Wow, he actually sounds really nice and generous and positive. And laid back. That which you are not.

  2. B - I agree with you - sounds good on paper, but too over-the-top too soon. It's great to have someone excited to be dating you, but not before you even met in person.