Friday, May 28, 2010

My Fortieth Date

This date was about a week and a half ago but I just haven't gotten around to writing about it... yes, it was THAT interesting!

I'm not sure if you recall the party from hell 3 weeks ago but there was one more missing piece. A few days after the party I got a facebook message from some guy saying that he saw me at the party, thought I was pretty and didn't have enough time to come say hello. But we have a mutual friend that told him my name and so he looked me up and asked me out.

I found out that he was an anesthesiologist and he was good looking in his pictures and seemed nice on the phone. So I decided to meet him.
I think he might just be the best in the business.... Let's just say that he didn't need any anesthesia to put me to sleep on our date!!!
Holy Boring Batman!!!!

We met for bubble tea, obviously. We ordered right away and got straight to talking... about anesthesiology.... yay! One of my all time favorite topics to discuss! He told me all about med school and residency and "funny" stories about patients in the operating room. HAHAHAHA, shut the F up!!!! I wanted to shoot him, like in the face!!! How can someone not know that it is not interesting or cool to talk all about yourself and what you do especially since I am not a doctor and have no interest in the wonderful world of anesthesiology! He told me about his past with dating girls and how he is always the one that gets hurt and that most girls don't get his humor and wit... Do you start off all your relationships with that introduction???? Maybe if you tell me that, I will want to be the one girl that is different than all the others who really tries to get your self centered-ness and hilarious operating room humor!! How is that intro working for you??

The bill came, not soon enough, I offered to pay, he made a dumb fake laugh and said "as if I can't afford $10 bubble tea". As if you could please hurry up, pay the bill, and get me the hell out of here!!! He walked me to my car, even though I told him not to. At the car he leaned in for a kiss and I gave him my cheek. He asked if I wanted to go for sushi with him next week. I said "I'm not sure... we will see how busy I am next week". (And how masochistic I am feeling to want to put myself through another few hours with you!) he said "wow, so I guess this date was about a 6 out of 10 for you". I had no idea what he meant by that so I just smiled and jumped into my car. Like actually did a running leap!
He waited the standard "don't want to look too desperate" 3 days to call. He left a message but I didn't call him back. He then called a second time 3 days after that but did not leave a message. Haven't heard from him since.

BTW, What is with that 3 days waiting period? Only the desperate guys with no self confidence are the ones who wait the 3 days hoping not to look desperate and like they lack self confidence... oxy moron I guess...


  1. Eww... you sound so stuck up in this post. I may be unfollowing now.

  2. One of the pitfalls of dating an MD is that their live is so entrenched with medicine that they don't have any outside interests to talk about. Sad but true, if you don't like this, don't date a doctor.

  3. After going out with 40 guys I understand your frustration lol. It's not being stuck up..its being fed up lol
    The only guys who ever flirt with me are non jews..Jewish guys are so socially awkward..but I liek you im also looking for that great jewish guy.. which im not sure exists at times lol

  4. I love your blog!

  5. Can you please please please STOP GOING TO BUBBLE TEA with every single one of your dates?!?! I really think that may be part of your problem...try being taken out to dinner for once. I told my Husband you go to Bubble Tea with all your dates, and he said "well that's her problem right there...if my first date with a girl was at bubble tea, I'd have no idea how to act and I would not be myself." Guys want to/should take you out to dinner. Guys don't like bubble tea. Just stop. Please.

  6. Yeah, at least get a good dinner out of these dates! lol B/c even if they're boring at least you had a nice meal? ;)

  7. @ bubble tea comment.... LMAO! Maybe thats what I have been doing wrong this whole time!! Tell your hubby thanks for the tip!

  8. I've been following your blog the whole times, and I like most of it, but his post really does sound stuck up. I've noticed throughout this whole process that that everytime a guy talks about what he does for a living, if it's not what you do or it's not about how much money he makes, you automatically hate it and it's "SOOO BORING". At least they are passionate about their job! I think that is a great quality in a person! And maybe you'll learn something.

    You say in this post that it's very self-centered for them to talk about their job, but isn't it self-centered that you only want to talk about what YOU like???

  9. Jeez folks give the girl a break.. I think this is actually hilarious!