Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Forty Forth Date

One of my parents friends asked if she could give my phone number to her other friend’s son. She said they were a nice family that came to America from Israel just 7 years ago. She said he was 30, tall and handsome and had his own business and a heavy Israeli accent. The accent is not my favourite thing in the world but I figured all the rest sounded great. He called me and there was a bit of a language barrier but he seemed charming and nice. He picked me up after Shabbat dinner from my house. I usually never let people pick me up from my house but he wasn’t from jdate, our family friend actually knew him. We went to a dessert place and he got coffee and I got tea. We talked about our jobs and our families. Then I asked him how he felt about Judaism. He actually laughed out loud. He said, I am Jewish and that’s it. He identifies as Jewish but doesn’t do anything to be a part of Judaism. He doesn’t really celebrate the holidays and he is not spiritual at all. I was so disappointed. He is Israeli and has no tie to Judaism other then being born a Jew. I asked if he would ever consider being “more” Jewish after he had kids and he said no. He was more opposed to being Jewish then my non Jewish ex. I was so frustrated! He kept trying to touch me and I really didn’t want him to. I recognized that my arms were crossed for most of the date and I was not open to him at all. I didn’t like how opinionated he was and how against my beliefs he was... It was almost like he mocked some of the Jewish things I do. I didn’t like him. There was nothing specifically wrong with him. No good reason that I wouldn’t see him again but I just didn’t want to. I hoped that he wouldn’t call but he did. I didn’t answer because I was out and I think he got the signal. Israelis have too much pride to call again if they think they will be rejected. So he just never called back and I am left to figure out why I just don’t like him. I feel kind of bad since his parents know my family friends but I am sure I will get over feeling bad soon!

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  1. If you haven't already, how about you specifically try to date a man who is into practicing Judaism or you know, is at least spiritual about it. Someone more on the same level of faith as you? If someone was straight up against my faith I wouldn't be interested in them either- especially if they were born into the religion!