Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Forty First Date

This date lasted almost 2 weeks...
This guy was one of the very few attractive guys on my trip and the only one of them that was older than me. We hung out together the second night and had a heart to heart about dating. We talked about our past relationships and about sex etc. He told me that he dates models. I told him about my ex and that I have not really been able to move on since him and that I have not slept with anyone since him. This challenge obviously intrigued him cause the next day we both got drunk and he took me and a few other people for dinner. Our first kiss was in the bathroom... soooo romantic! He is the "high roller" type. He paid for the entire table's dinner and drinks. He fits the spoiled rich kid mold to a tee. That night we watched a movie together in his room until his room mates got back. He said he needed to get something so he left the room and came back with another room key. He had gone downstairs to get us our own room. I was so angry at him. I asked him what he thought was going to happen in there??? He promised me that we would just finish the movie and then I could go back to my room. We finished watching and kissed and fooled around a tiny bit. Then he walked me back to my room. We didn't hang out at all the next day but at night we drank again at dinner and he kissed me again. Then after dinner we went to a club and met up with other trips from all over the states. I started dancing with a guy from another trip (he will be number 42) and he came up and kissed me while I was dancing with him. I pushed him off because it was so rude of him. It was like he was claiming his property or something. The entire next day he was so rude to me and would not talk to me. Then in front of a bunch of people he called me a slut and I snapped. I may be a lot of things but a slut is not one of them! the next day we sat down and talked and it eventually came out that he was hurt and embarrassed that I went with the other guy. I explained that I had no idea he would even care since we just met and kissed and both made it clear we were not looking for anything serious but I apologized for hurting his feelings.He also said sorry for calling me a slut and embarrassing me in front of the people. We spent the rest of the trip just hanging out, usually at night and kissing. By the end of the trip most people knew there was something going on so we were more public about it. The best day was when we went zip-lining together. We kissed in mid air across the entire zip line! it was such a romantic rush!!! Although we had a great two weeks together it is difficult to say who is a bigger princess, lol... He is very high maintenance and we are not what each other is looking for. I had fun experiencing Israel with him and maybe I will see him when I get back home but I highly doubt anything will come of it.


  1. Hi,
    I love your blog - it's adorable and so are you. I am a runway and print model, age 26 - I am old for a model. I began at age 13. When a man tells me that he dates "models," I laugh in his face. Oftentimes, they have no idea I am a model when I meet them outside of the European club scene (where they know me because I hang out with other girls from my agency), only that I am thin (most of us are super-thin diminishing our sexiness in person -a Bcup is huge in our industry). None of us are high maintenance off the runway or set. Most of us are jeans and t-shirts girls. If this guy only dates "models" then he is dating women who are under 30 "only." Also, he is an a-hole and sleazy. After a lot of my shows I am followed by these hanger-on, wannabe aholes who want to brag their girlfriend is a model. They care nothing for me. In reality, we "models" are being courted by very wealthy men. Sometimes we will date them. But we never date the wannabes who say "I only date models." I loathe those guys and believe me, would never date one.

  2. Kissing across a zipline is the best thing I ever heard. I want a date like that!