Friday, June 4, 2010

Update 28

This week has been awesome! I spent it all on doing things for myself and with myself! I sent my resume off to a bunch of places and I hope to get a few interviews in before I leave for Israel. I got a new client! I have been looking for condos online just to start to get a feel for the market in the area I want to buy. I have been spending a lot of time outside with my niece and I have been going on walks with my dog and my mom. I have been eating healthy (lost 4 lbs so far!) and I am feeling so good!!! I offered to volunteer as a "Big sister" for a mentoring organization.The business that I invested in is starting to make some financial progress which is sooo great! I have someone working on my addiction website and it should be done before I leave to Israel! Everything is starting to fall nicely into place :) I have been hanging out with my sister more and my girl friends. Tonight I am going to see Sex and the City (very overdue) after Shabbat dinner.

One night I hung out with my best guy friend (he was my first "bad boy" when I was 17 and we have been best friends ever since). Normally when I am dating or with someone, we see less of each other but I specifically made time for him this week. We decided to go for a walk at 11 PM. We were going to walk to the grocery store. One the way we stopped in the park and played on the swings and the monkey bars and the slide! I felt like a kid! It was so much fun! We ended up buying things to make banana bread and baked together at 1 in the morning! It was a waaaaay better night then if I had been on a jdate!

My last day on jdate a guy messaged me and we have been emailing each other. We were supposed to meet tonight but I am not ready right now so I told him that maybe next week we will meet. I am enjoying feeling free for now and I will see how I feel next week.
The other one that messaged lives very far (in LA) and we have been messaging each other on msn but I don't see anything real coming out of it. Long distance is no fun.
Those are the last two that snuck in before my break with JDate, which I feel so good about! I haven't been tempted to log on even once!

I find myself talking a great deal about how wonderful my relationship was with my ex. My mom was telling me a story of a friend of hers who got very sick and her husband had to bathe her and actually change her adult diaper. She said that he is a very special kind of man because she doesn't know of many men that would do that (including my father, lol). I told her that I only know of one that would do that for me.... my ex. She didn't say anything back.

In any case, the weather is great here, I am feeling great and I am working on being the kind of person that I would want to date. As Drake puts it "I'm doing me"!


  1. I am optimistic that you might meet a quality guy in Israel. Please, please tell us all about the guys in Israel. I am Jewish and have never been.

  2. Tell us about the guys there if you like, diarist, but don't try to "meet a guy" there, at least in the committed way. If you're feeling it, and horny, feel free to have some uncomplicated fun when you're in Israel, as the guys are totally hot there, but just watch that you don't fall back into the same pattern, as you definitely don't want long distance, and definitely not with most Israeli guys, who fit the dominant jerky guy mold to a tee.

  3. btw, glad to hear about all the positivity and self-focus, keep it up! it helped me too a couple years ago.