Saturday, May 7, 2011

Update 46

My bf was not able to come in for passover so I decided to go visit him in Florida after the seders. My flight was Saturday night but it got delayed, obviously. So I had to go to an airport that was an hour and a half away from his house and I only arrived at midnight. He was so sweet, he picked me up with a bouquet of pink roses. We drove back to his house and he told me that he had a surprise for me in the back yard. He asked me to wait inside for a few minutes. We had talked about putting a pond in the side yard but decided that it was not a good idea since we have dogs and eventually kids. Last time I saw the yard it was just a pile of mud. He brought me outside and I saw that he had landscaped the entire yard. He put grass, planted palm trees, built a low wall out of stone and planted every single pink plant and flower he could find. He put a fountain and benches and made it into a beautiful serene garden for me. He told me that he did everything himself and made it so that I would feel more like his house was my house and wanted me to have my very own special area. He had lit candles all over the garden and brought out a bottle of wine and two glasses. I had complained that he never wrote me a love letter, so of course he handed me one. It was such a nice note that I almost started to cry.
He had been preparing me that he was designing a ring for me that would look like a roller coaster. Every time he described it to me I had a mini panic attack. I didn't want him to think that I cared too much about a ring but the ring he described sounded terrible. So he pulls out a small pink box from his pocket and told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He opened the box and inside was the ugliest ring I had ever seen. I gave him a huge hug and said that I wanted to marry him too and that I love him so much. I tried not to look at the ring too much. He told me that he put an inscription in the ring and that it was the most importnat part. I tried to read it but it was too dark. He went inside to get me a flashlight. While he was inside I stared at the ring and wondered how I could break the news to him that it was not my taste and that I really didn't like it. With the flashlight I read the inside of the ring. It said "JJ". Which is something I always say which stands for "Just Joking". I looked back up at him and he had the most amazingly beautiful ring in a big box. He handed it to me and said "Did you honestly think I wanted my girl walking around with an ugly ring like that??" I jumped into his arms and hugged and kissed him. He told me that as of now I need to trust him and his taste! He also said that the ugly ring was the best 37 dollars plus shipping and handling that he had ever spent and it was worth every sleepless night it caused me to be able to give me the real ring and have me love it and not ever doubt him again. By this point it was already 3 am and we celebrated all night long :) It was the most thoughtful and wonderful proposal. I could not have asked for a better proposal, ring or man.
I couldn't sleep! I was so excited! I waited up until 9 am Sunday morning so that I could call and tell my parents. My mom was so excited she called every single person she knows. My dad said that she was on the phone all day calling all over the world. My entire family was so excited and happy for me. We spent the next few days in pure bliss and in love like teenagers! It was so wonderful. I am so in love with him. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world! We adore each other and we are such a great supportive loving couple.

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