Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update 43

He came in last week for 6 days to be with me. He stayed with me at my parents house which was so nice! I loved having him next to me again while I slept. He had a crazy busy work week so we didn't spend that much time during the day together but we spent every evening together. He was a bit crabby for the first 2 days because of the miserable winter weather and because of stress at work etc. His mom called me to see how I was doing and I told her that her son was being a misery. She immediately called him and gave him a lecture which he told me about the next day! She told him that I am the best thing to ever happen to him and that he better stop being crabby and not scare me away or else he will have to answer to her! I thought that was so sweet of her and so did he! He said that his mom has never really cared for any of his ex girlfriends and he was so surprised to get this lecture from her. After they spoke he was back to his sweet self. We had a great time together. We had dinner one night with my sister and her hubby and my bff and a guy she is kinda dating. Friday night he came for shabbat dinner to my grandmother's (dad's mom) house and then for dessert to my mom's sisters house. Saturday we spent the day with his niece and ran errands. I got to see how we work together as parents and I think we will do a great job one day! He is amazing with her and she adores him and loves spending time with us! I even surprised him by setting up our massage table in my room so that we could give each other professional massages, it was such a great idea! Now we are apart for 5 days until I go visit him in Florida for Valentines Day weekend/ our six month anniversary. I wonder what he has planned for us! I love him so much!

Also, I was asked to do a lecture on finding your soul-mate with out settling and share my story with a group of single Jewish girls around my age. I did it today and it was amazing! There were about 45 girls who showed up and one girl even happened to be a follower of my blog. What are the odds!! I wasn't going to mention my blog cause its very important to me to stay anonymous but she recognized my story and it kind of got out... I really hope that it doesn't leak out to any of the 45 guys I dated cause I would feel terrible if any of them found out. The girls that were there all reminded me of myself when I was struggling to find my match. The questions they had were the same questions I found myself asking just a few months ago. I wish I could give everyone the gift of faith and patience to be able to a) believe he is out there and b) be able to wait for him without going crazy!

I will update after Valentines day! I wish everyone a happy Vday weekend!

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