Monday, December 20, 2010

Update 41

We drove down to Florida together a few days ago with the dogs. It was a good drive and we laughed a lot. He let me listen to my hip hop music and made funny imitations of my dance moves. We got to his house and immediately he became the happiest person in the world. He loves his house and the warm weather puts him in the best mood. The last few days we spent cleaning up, grocery shopping, watching the dogs swim, showering in the backyard shower and making trips to Home Depot like a cute married couple. We have been cooking together and having the best time. His house is beautiful and I feel very at home with him here.
I discovered that he is an amazing chef! He made me the most delicious dinner last night. We had steak and portobello mushrooms and salad. Tonight he is making ceviche, yum!
We drank a bottle of wine (which I barely ever do) and we got drunk together and had so much fun! We were acting like silly teenagers in love!
He really likes to take care of me which is kind of weird for me. I am usually the caretaker in relationships and he treats me like a princess. This morning while I lay in bed he did our laundry and cleaned the kitchen from our drunk dinner last night. Its something that I can definitely get used to. I am really in love with him. He told me that he wants to be with me forever and wants to marry me one day. He is treating his house like its our house already. I am here til the first week in January and then I go back home but he stays in florida. Its going to be a difficult winter but I think we will get through it.
Our moms are flying in tomorrow, should be interesting to say the least! We stocked the fridge with tons of yummy food that he is going to make for all of us this week. We are going to leave the moms with the dogs for a few days and go on a mini vacation together. I am excited to relax and party with him.
I think we are an awesome couple! Its been over 4 months and I am still so happy!
I will update on the mini vacation and the how it goes with moms, lol.


  1. i'm starting to think that this is a joke, but whatever it is, please keep writing. just out of curiosity: what do your friends say??

  2. Hey,
    Not sure why you think this is a joke... Everyone of my posts is true which is the main reason I try to stay anonymous. My friends are very supportive of my new relationship and they are happy for me that I have found love after the crazy and painful year I have been through. I'm kind of curious why you think this is a joke? Please let me know :)

  3. I've been reading this since you started writing, and I definitely don't think it's a joke. You write with compassion, and your stories are very genuine and sincere. I know how it feels to break up with someone you love but can't be with, and I relate to your struggle to follow your passion and be at peace with all of your decisions. You're life is totally inspiring and I'm so happy you've found love!